Rainy Days And Broken Hearts (1998-2000)

Rainy Days and Broken Hearts

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01 – Southwind (2:54) download
02 – Out Of This Town (2:45) download
03 – Disappointment/The Wrong Dream (4:04) download
04 – Take Me (2:54) download
05 – Losing My Blue Moon (4:06) download
06 – Rainy Days (4:27) download
07 – Blue As The Night – con Elliott Murphy (2:10) download
08 – Tomorrow’s The Day (5:03) download
09 – Dressed In Black (3:31) download
10 – Sunday Morning (4:48) download
11 – Love Song For No One (Come With Me) (3:04) download
12 – Sister Moon (3:25) download
13 – Instrumental (1:20) download
Bonus tracks: dos canciones de la primera edición del disco
I’m Just Going To Sleep (3:23) download
Soul Ballad #3 (3:18) download
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Recorded and mixed at Bunker Estudios (Asturias), october 1997 – February 1998. Tracks 4 and 10 recorded and mixed on January and February 2000.

Sound engineering: Alberto Rionda, Juan Moyano and Jorge Otero.
Graphic design: Jorge Otero and Carlos Rodríguez, with Pablo A. Bertrand and Nacho García.
Photography: Panci Calvo (cover picture, pages 14 and 15). Carlos Rodríguez (booklet and back picture). Michael Myers (inlay picture).
Produced by Jorge Otero, assisted by Nacho García, Alberto Rionda, and Juan Moyano. Additional production in “Instrumental”: Toli Morilla.
Mastering: Metropolis Studios (London) by Tim Young. Edited by Julian Lowe and Tim Young.

The Stormy Mondays:

  • Jorge Otero: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, percussion, background vocals
  • Nacho García: vocals, electric guitars, dobro, background vocals
  • Javi Otero: bass guitar, background vocals
  • Marco Álvarez: drums, percussion
  • Pablo A. Bertrand: piano, organ, electric piano, background vocals

Toli DeVille: bass guitar, background vocals
Roberto Collado: blues harmonica, alto sax
Alejandro Blanco: drums
Panci Calvo: drums

The Stormy Horns:
Juan Flores: tenor and baritone sax
Miguel Herrero: trumpet
String arrangements by Jorge Otero and Nacho García

Additional musicians:
Igor Paskual: vocals
Toli Morilla: acoustic guitar
Fernando Arias: percussion
Margarita Sierra and Ana González: Background vocals
Nacho Camino: cello
String arrangements by Pablo A. Bertrand

Special guest: Elliott Murphy

Marco Nacho

Javi Pablo

Jorge y Nacho Jorge

Lyrics by Jorge Otero.

“Tomorrow’s The Day” and “Sunday Morning” – lyrics and music: Nacho García.

Music by Jorge Otero, except: “Out Of This Town” (Jorge Otero/Nacho García), Disappointment (Pablo A. Bertrand), “The Wrong Dream”, “Losing My Blue Moon” and “Dressed In Black” (Jorge Otero/Igor Paskual), Rainy Days (Jorge Otero/Pablo A. Bertrand), “Instrumental” (Jorge Otero/Pablo A. Bertrand/Toli Morilla).

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In the press

An honest album, the kind you get to love and becomes a classic to have at your home.

- Alberto Vila for Rolling Stone

A delightful album for its collection of songs, including such rich details (dobros, saxophones, tambourines, cellos, bongos, brass section). Each track also has its own personality that sets it apart from the rest (…) especially the contagious beauty of “Losing My Blue Moon”, “Rainy Days” and “Blue As The Night”, three of the most beautiful songs that can be heard so far this year.

- Toni Castarnado for MondoSonoro

The vocals are mixed with surgical precision, there’s a very present organ, the guitars go on beyond virtuosity, arrangements are like powerful skeletons (…) This album brings back the enthusiasm to those who think that, beyond any question, a song can contain all the answers.

- Héctor Fouce for LaNetro.com

Stormy Mondays shows a lot of promise, bringing a fresh approach to sounds that have bounced back and forth across the Atlantic for more than three decades. Given additional time to gel as a band and to further cultivate its own songwriting style, this group could very well produce some truly amazing music. On its debut, the outfit certainly is off to a great start.

- John Metzger for The Music Box

I find it an absolute joy listening this album from beginning to end. I still think this is the best Stormy Mondays album ever.

The first three songs (Southwind, Out of this town, and Disappointment / The wrong dream) make you see very clearly what this band is like, and what you’ll hear on that record, it’s a true statement.

- Fran Martínez

This album takes me throughout the Mississippi without leaving home, especially “Tomorrow’s the day “… that harmonica really rocks!

- Andrés Rueda

The first edition

Rainy Days and Broken Hearts (first edition, Bunker Estudios)

The first edition of the album was released by Bunker Studios, and had two different songs: “I’m Just Going To Sleep” (Nacho García) and “Soul Ballad # 3” (Jorge Otero). You can download those two songs in this page.

In the Dusty Roses Records edition, they were replaced by “Take Me” and “Sunday Morning”.

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