Wading The River / The Lay Of The Land (double EP, 2015)

Two records in one, with 6+6 songs that mix rock and folk, traditional and electric instruments, intimate and intense songs. You are going to love them!

Wading The River
The Lay Of The Land

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  • Jorge Otero – vocals, electric and acoustic guitar (6 and 12 strings), tenor guitar, Veillette Gryphon, Lap Steel, percussion
  • Pablo Bertrand – piano, Hammond organ, Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, Michelsonne toy piano, glockenspiel, background vocals
  • Dani Menéndez – acoustic and electric guitar, EBow, background vocals
  • Danny Montgomery – drums, percussion
  • Rafa Sánchez – electric and fretless bass, Bass VI, electric guitar, ukulele, background vocals

Héctor Braga – hurdy-gurdy, violin, violoncello
Juan Flores – tenor and baritone sax, flute, clarinet
Miguel Herrero – trumpet, flügelhorn, percussion

Special guests:
Juanjo Zamorano – background vocals on “Love And Fire”
Alejandro Blanco – percussion on “Nobody Knows” and “My Midnight World”
Ángel Miguel – National resonator on “Nobody Knows”
Igor Paskual – background vocals on “Never Enough”
Ángel Parada – background vocals on “Never Enough”
Martín, Marc, Mateo y Marina – laughter on “Merry-Go-Round”
Kepa Junkera – trikitixa on “The Finish Line”

Recorded in Estudios Acme by Miguel Herrero and Satélite Estudios by Jorge Otero and Juanjo Zamorano.

Mixed in StudioStav (Australia) by Michael Stavrou (“Stav”)

Photography and design: Carlos Garna.

Produced by Jorge Otero.

This album has been mixed respecting all the dynamics of the songs, in order to guarantee maximum listening quality, with no auditive fatigue. It has not been mastered. Turn it up and enjoy.


“Love And Fire”: Jorge Otero/Dani Menéndez/Rafa Sánchez
“Nobody Knows”: Jorge Otero/Rafa Sánchez
“Silent Star”: Pablo Bertrand/Jorge Otero
“Struck By Life”: Jorge Otero/Pablo Bertrand
“One Note (Rock And Roll)”: Jorge Otero/Pablo Bertrand
“Never Enough”: Jorge Otero/Dani Menéndez

“Talking In My Sleep”: Jorge Otero
“My Lil’ Darling”: Jorge Otero
“Merry-Go-Round”: Jorge Otero
“Moon Almost Full”: Pablo Bertrand/Jorge Otero
“My Midnight World”: Jorge Otero/Pablo Bertrand
“The Finish Line”: Jorge Otero


Jorge Otero

Wading The River/The Lay Of The Land
Double EP, deluxe edition, with 28-page booklet
Read the lyrics

In the press

Their best record by far! The packaging, in quadruple digipack with a double cover is just wonderful. So is the booklet. Both albums sound impressive. The producer, band leader and main songwriter, Jorge Otero, recommends to play them as loud as possible. I’ve done it, enjoyed it, and now I want to see them live again!

- Txema Mañeru in El Giradiscos

Twelve songs, with elegant appearance and colourful melodies, that evidences the excellent form of Stormy Mondays, especially if you compare them with the lack of creativity and interest that Spain’s mainstream offers.

The first record opens with the great song and potential single Talking in My Sleep, a wonderfully catchy song that you won’t be able to get out of your head. You can find echoes of the Room to Roam-era Waterboys on Merry-Go-Round, as well as distant celtic tinges in several of the songs. The beautiful mid-tempo My Lil’ Darling is another one of the highlights.

The more electric Wading the River really spotlights the Hammond organ, with a great flavor of 60’s folk rock, which appears in the first cut, the energetic Love and Fire. The powerful guitar intro to Struck by Life and its subsequent development evoke the dynamics of The Who, while Nobody Knows could be part of the later works of The Kinks at the end of the 70s. The echoes of the greatest resound in the grooves of Stormy Mondays.

- Pablo Canfranc in El Diario Fénix

Your comments

Since release, I have been playing these songs on constant play on my PC and in my car. Simply the best ! No one else has the sound that you guys make. It’s like discovering Glen Miller or something. My favorites are Moon almost full, Love and Fire and Not enough. Cant wait to hear them ‘live’.

- Andy Seal

It’s hard to pick just one song, when you have such a beautiful album in your hands. Songs like The Finish Line or Talking In My Sleep really stand out for me. I can see the effort put into the album, both on the inside and the outside. And if you want to double your enjoyment…. Go to the shows, and then the songs will seem like all-time classics. Rock & Roll Stormy Mondays!!!

- Sebastián

¡An absolute masterpice! Everything: sound, arrangements, artwork, wonderful songs. And, as usual, behind all this, an attitude that is an example to follow for all of us that love music. And… you sing better than ever, Jorge.

Can’t wait to see you live. Congratulations!

- Fernando Calvo


To everyone that appears on the credits, and specially to Juanjo Zamorano and Carlos Garna: without you, we couldn’t have pulled this record off.

To our families for their unconditional support.

To Willie Nile, Paul Hewson, Marigel, Eduardo Cosmea (Movusic), Béznar Arias (Norte Sur Records), Sergio García, Javi Otero, Javier Blanco, Alberto Toyos, Manolo Egocheaga (Santa Cecilia), Miguel Acebedo (Jardín Botánico Atlántico), Roberto García (ThunderTomate), Manuel Persa, Nick Litwin (Mastering Mansion), Musical Marcos, Musical Principado, Al’s Music Factory, Santo Grial.

To all the friends that we haven’t mentioned in these lines. To all of you who lent us verses, ideas and titles.

To everyone that follows Stormy Mondays from the very beginning… or just recently.

And to you, who holds this record in your hands.

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