On My Radio (EP, 2010)

On My Radio

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01 – Nothing On My Radio (2:33) download
02 – Whenever I Fall (4:25) download
03 – Every Time She Smiles (3:03) download
04 – Folk Lullaby (2:56) download
05 – Weatherman (2:38) download
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  • Jorge Otero – vocals, electric, acoustic, and 12 string guitars, mandolin, handclaps, percussion bell, and background vocals
  • Pablo Bertrand – piano, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, claps
  • Dani Menéndez – electric guitar
  • Danny Montgomery – drums
  • Rafa Sánchez – electric and fretless bass

With Miguel Herrero – flügelhorn, trumpet, glockenspiel, tambourine, shaker, whistling, vocal arrangements, wind arrangements.
Pre-production at Jorge’s home with Igor Paskual and at Bunker Estudios (Posada de Llanera, Asturias) with Alberto Rionda.
Recorded and mixed at Estudios Acme (Miranda, Asturias), May-June 2010, by Miguel Herrero (assistant engineer: Kike Sanchís). 
 at Metropolis Mastering (Londres) by Tim Young.
Design and photography: Carlos Rodríguez.
Lyrics and music: Jorge Otero.
Produced by Miguel Herrero and Jorge Otero.

Thanks to Marigel; to the band for their confidence, enthusiasm and talent; to Igor Paskual for helping me to figure out the songs, to Alberto Rionda for helping me to give them shape, to Miguel Herrero and Kike Sanchis to make them reality; to Carlos Rodríguez for the beautiful cover; to Pablo Surja for defending the fortress; to Angel Miguel for his indispensable contribution to our tours and rehearsals; to Angel Parada and Alejandro Blanco, you can count on them for anything; to Alvaro Garcia-Ramos for his audiovisual skills; to Rodo (Imprastur) for being able to print everything “for yesterday”; to Tim Young & Michael Walsh (Metropolis) for their great job; to promoters and venues: Enrique Granda (Santo Grial), Béznar Arias (Norte Sur), La Palmera, La Calleja la Ciega, Don Floro, Asociación Bocanegra, Savoy, Jardín Botánico Atlántico; to all the musicians I play with: Toli Morilla and band, Fever Blues Band, Taxi Driver, Willie Nile & band. To our families and friends. And to you.
– Jorge Otero, June 2010

On My Radio (back cover)

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In the press

 Stormy Mondays’ new album, one of the most interesting Spanish bands of recent years.

Five tracks, some as brilliant as the ones that open the album (“Nothing On My Radio”), which can be downloaded for free from their website. The incomparable value for money makes this seventh installment of the Stormy Mondays absolutely necessary.

As always, excellent songs, fantastic guitars and authentic sound.

- Javier Pérez de Albéniz writes for El Mundo, El País and Soitu.es.

Five gorgeous themes in the same line of the last albums. American roots rock with a dose of impressive country-folk, torch-songs and influences of Springsteen, Counting Crows, Tom Petty, Dylan, Neil Young, etc.

- Guillermo Carvajal in La Brújula Verde

 If it were the first time you hear them, you would think that this is a group from the East coast of the United States who had spent a long time in California and has just returned from a holiday in Ireland

- Clara Ochoa in Cine Y Juegos.com

Whenever I fall is amazing, it’s one of the songs that have impacted me the most over the recent years. The singing, the guitar, everything. I just miss a little more guitar solo work, like people did 30 years ago

- Bixen Bodo

Ok, after several listenings, I have to warn you it is addictive. I think since this album arrived a week ago, I’ve heard it every day. It’s a very heterogeneous work, with the perfect running time, and a production that really suits the songs.

- Txarli

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